Inter IIT Cultural

Keeping in mind that academics is just one phase of making an individual a successful person, enriching students in cultural activities is also equally important. The Inter IIT cult meet is a manifestation of this idea. It aims to develop the students by invoking a competitive spirit in them. It caters to those interested in dance, music, fine arts and literature. It’s a platform to unleash one’s true potential. With ever-growing competition and standards, efforts are being made every year to make the battle more interesting and demanding. The levels of the competition have grown exceptionally high considering its inception just before a couple of years.


3rd Inter IIT Cult Meet

The first Inter IIT cult meet was hosted by IIT Bombay in 2016. The success of the meet led to it becoming a recurring annual event, growing exponentially every year. IIT Kanpur hosted the 2nd edition of the meet. With increasing participants and incredible events, it has a great future ahead. To keep up with the battle and to earn the glory, students of the institute have been practicing rigorously every year. With steady improvement in the performances, IIT Bhubaneswar will eventually rise to the top. Students of IIT Bhubaneswar have been actively participating in the cultural meet and have brought laurels to the institute. With these amounts of dedication and desires, the institute never fails to deliver its best.